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How model Genevieve went from the Giro in Belfast to the catwalks of Amsterdam

By Claire McNeilly

Local beauty Genevieve Porter has revealed her sexy new look on the catwalk at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

The 28-year-old graphic designer left Northern Ireland four months ago to follow her heart and it wasn't long before the former Style Academy model was snapped up by an international crew in the Dutch capital.

Last Sunday's show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam was her highest-profile event since she signed with Mix Models agency.

"When I received an email from my agent to say that I was selected for Amsterdam Fashion Week to walk for Susana Bettecourt I was completely thrilled," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

"With all the beautiful Dutch girls and fashion week being such a big show, I was so happy when I was selected."

The 5ft 8in redhead gained worldwide recognition as the face of the Giro d'Italia when images of her parading the trophy at the opening and closing ceremonies were beamed into homes across the globe.

However, the Banbridge native is so much more than a just a pretty face, as her work colleagues at the European Space Agency - and Dutch dentist boyfriend Arjan - can testify.

"Over Christmas I saw a job advertised for a graphic designer at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands," she said.

"I thought it sounded cool and although I didn't think I stood a chance I decided to apply anyway. I heard nothing for two months ... then I got called for an interview in February.

"Within four weeks I had packed up my Belfast life into four suitcases, kissed my yellow Mini goodbye and with a tearful farewell from my best girl friends, I was on a one-way flight to the city of bicycles, clogs and cheese to embark on my new Dutch life.

"Four months in and I'm settling in more and more, although it is still a little surreal when there is an astronaut standing behind me in the work canteen ordering a coffee," she said.

Next up, it's a fashion show in Paris. "I love meeting new people and seeing new cities so I can't wait," Genevieve said.

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