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How people power helped win the day

By Staff Reporter

Written responses to the libraries consultation showed how people of all ages benefit from the public service.

One library user wrote: "My daughter struggles to read and the library has really helped her as there are so many different levels of reading here."

Another commented: "The library is a lifeline for older people, providing them with clubs, social interaction, a warm place to read when it's cold outside.

One parent said: "Rhythm and Rhyme has been very beneficial for my daughter with complex needs. Her paediatrician was amazed at how she could sing along to 'Snap' 'Snap' and was happy to recommend she go to mainstream nursery."

Another user said it provided a neutral facility in areas still facing sectarian tension.

"All the activities, courses and talks, are attended by all sections of the community."

The services are also vital for those facing unemployment.

"I would not be able to perform routine tasks such as email and the typing of MS Word documents, along with surfing the internet, if it were not for the equipment provided," one person said.

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