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How the poll was conducted

By Staff Reporter

Polling was carried out by Belfast-based polling and market research company LucidTalk from April 9 to April 24, 2014.

It involved interviewing a random sample of Northern Ireland residents aged 16-24 by telephone (70%), live event polling (20%), and face-to-face (10%). A total of 1,075 completed opinions were obtained from 16-24-year-olds carefully selected to be demographically representative.

The project used six questions which were designed to British Polling Council standards to ensure balance, clarity and neutrality. All the collated opinions were then analysed demographically and weighted to ensure that the results represented an accurate view of the 16-24 age group in Northern Ireland.

The final weighted results match the Northern Ireland demographics of the 16-24-year-old age group by gender, religion, socio-economic group, region (within NI), population density, and phone status (cellphone only/landline only etc).

All reported margins of sampling error will include the computed design effects for weighting.

LucidTalk is a member of the British Polling Council (BPC). The BPC is the UK professional body ensuring professional polling and market research standards, and all polling, market research, sampling, methodologies used, and results and reports production, for this project are, and have been, carried out to the professional standards laid down by the BPC.

All data results produced are accurate to a margin of error of +/-3.1%, at 95% confidence.

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