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How was lying nurse struck off for her incompetence able to get five jobs here in just 10 months?

Adrienn Bordas provided false references to Belfast Trust
Adrienn Bordas provided false references to Belfast Trust

By Lisa Smyth

A nurse who could not speak English well enough to be able to provide safe care to patients has been struck off.

It has emerged that despite a litany of serious failings by Adrienn Bordas, she was able to get five different jobs and worked for 10 months before she was referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Concerns were raised over the ability of Ms Bordas to meet basic nursing standards at three out of four care homes she worked at between April 2016 and February 2017.

Within a matter of days of leaving her final job at a care home, she started a job in the ENT surgery ward at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

However, concerns were quickly raised about her ability to carry out her tasks in a safe and adequate manner.

Issues during her employment on the ward included mistaking thyroid medication for drugs used to treat heart failure, not washing her hands between patients, not cleaning wounds properly and not washing her hands after cleaning a wound.

When she failed to meet required standards, in spite of additional support provided by the trust, it was discovered that she had provided false references when applying for the job.

She initially lied when challenged about this.

Ms Bordas - who worked for Brooklands Healthcare, Domnall Intermediate Care Centre, Glenmachan Tower House and Movilla House Nursing Home before taking up her post at the Royal - was referred to the NMC by the Belfast Trust on June 19, 2017. The fact that she was able to move from job to job despite the fact consecutive employers identified alarming failings has raised concerns.

Aidan Hanna from NI Patient Voice said: "The Regulation Quality and Improvement Authority (RQIA) should be looking at disciplinary cases at each care home inspection so it is worrying that a nurse can leave or be dismissed from four care homes in such a short period of time without the RQIA identifying a trend.

"It is also worrying that a nurse can get a job at a nursing home without the previous employer being spoken to.

"It is very worrying that a nurse can get a job at a hospital without the previous employer being spoken to or without the knowledge that the nurse had been dismissed from four care homes.

"Why did none of the four care homes refer the nurse to the NMC if they were concerned about capability or competency?"

The NMC panel heard from a number of Ms Bordas' former colleagues.

One witness said: "For somebody who was qualified and who had worked as a nurse previously, I felt I had to explain things to the registrant over and over again which shouldn't have needed repeating.

"For instance, I told the registrant that she needed to improve her standards of personal care, because she was doing things such as cleaning during personal hygiene from bottom up, rather than top-down as she should have done."

Another witness described her knowledge of medication as "notably poor", while the panel was also told that she did not seek clarification on the dosage of a medication when a prescription was illegible.

The regulatory body was also told that Ms Bordas forgot to wash her hands before and after cleaning wounds and that the wounds did not look any cleaner after she had finished.

Taking into consideration the evidence before them, the panel found that Ms Bordas supplied false references in a "premeditated and pre-planned act of dishonesty".

They said it was done "with the sole purpose of deceiving her employer into believing she was a competent nurse".

The panel continued: "Her actions were solely for her own personal gain, with a total disregard for the safety of patients. The panel found that this amounted to serious misconduct."

In its determination, the panel deemed that the public would be horrified if Ms Bordas were to be allowed to continue working unrestricted.

It ruled that a striking-off order was the only sanction that would be sufficient in light of Ms Bordas' "deplorable" dishonesty.

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