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'Humble' bus driver's kind gesture touches hearts of thousands

By Amanda Ferguson

A Belfast bus driver has touched the hearts of thousands after a good deed of his was highlighted by the Belfast Telegraph.

Paul Doyle has been hailed a hero for stopping the bus he was driving on Tuesday night to give a homeless man a coat he had bought for him.

Student AnnaMarie McDaniel was on board and later highlighted the 10H route driver's good deed on Translink's Facebook page.

So far more than 65,000 people have shared the 19-year-old's post and it has also been widely circulated on Twitter.

"On the bus home from university there, absolutely miserable wet and cold night," AnnaMarie wrote.

"I get the same bus every Tuesday and there is always a homeless man that we pass. Today he was standing in the pouring rain, drenched to the skin in just a short sleeved T-shirt. My heart went out to him.

"The bus man driving the 10H that I was on stopped the bus beside the man and called him over.

"He then hands him a big plastic bag and told him that he was hoping to see him today - he'd bought him a winter coat.

"The man refused to take the bag, but the driver was adamant that the man take it as he had gone out and bought it for him.

"I have never seen a smile like the one on the homeless man's face.

"Couldn't believe how kind the bus driver was, such a thoughtful act. A little bit of kindness really can go a long way."

Tens of thousands of internet users were moved by the thoughtful act so hit their keyboards to share their thoughts. One Facebook user said: "Oh that was a really lovely thing to do what a wonderful human being and yes cheered me up too."

"Outstanding," one man wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote: "Amazing story. Good to see humanity and kindness still exists."

A Translink spokeswoman praised Mr Doyle's actions.

"We commend our colleague on this act of kindness for someone in need," she said.

The modest public transport worker was back behind the wheel of his bus yesterday and has been left stunned by the public reaction to his kindness.

Michael Dornan, Metro driver representative for Unite, told the BBC: "He put a fiver and milk and bread in the bag with the coat and gave it to him.

"Paul was passing him on the route and he had no warm clothes on - Paul thought to himself, 'With the bad weather, I have to do something.'"

Mr Doyle is surprised by the attention the Facebook post has drawn.

"Paul is very humble. He's sort of embarrassed," Mr Dornan said.

"He never intended anything like that.

"He didn't want any thanks. That's the type of person he is."

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