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Hunt for pervert who filmed family changing at Bangor leisure centre

By Rachel Martin

Police are hunting a man caught spying on a woman and her two sons as they changed at a leisure centre in Bangor.

The suspected voyeur was spotted by a young boy in the communal changing area when he noticed that a mobile phone was being held over the top of his family's cubicle.

The incident at Bangor's Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex happened at around 3pm on August 15, although details were only released yesterday.

Police in Ards and North Down have launched an investigation and are appealing for the public's help following the incident.

Constable Adrian Bell said a woman was in a communal changing area with her two sons when one of the boys spotted the mobile phone being held over the side of their cubicle.

"The boy alerted his mother to this, and the mother challenged the man holding the phone. The male left the changing room," the officer said.

The man is described as aged between 20 and 30, with swarthy skin, heavy dark stubble and short jet black hair. He is around 5ft 8ins tall and was wearing red shorts with a darker red stripe up the sides, a grey T-shirt with a logo on the left and Adidas trainers. He was using a purple Samsung phone, police said.

Bangor-based MLA Peter Weir said that the incident would "concern and disgust" most people.

He said: "Obviously we need to ensure people can enjoy the facilities at Aurora securely and really from that point of view there needs to be a thorough investigation and criminal proceedings started off the back of that."

North Down MLA Alex Easton added: "I am absolutely horrified that this incident has happened. I'm deeply concerned for the family.

"Certainly the council need to ensure that any evidence through CCTV can be given to PSNI for their investigation and any witnesses come forward so that those involved can be brought before the courts - their behaviour is completely unacceptable."

It is understood that police have been trawling through CCTV footage but so far have not been able to identify the suspect.

DUP Assembly member Gordon Dunne said he had spoken to the centre's management and believed that the pool should be a phone-free zone.

"They have brought in a child protection officer and have been co-operating with the police," he said.

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