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Hunt is on as wallaby mum and baby go on the run


A POLICE hunt is under way – for some 'on the runs' with a difference.

The PSNI is on the lookout for two wallabies that have escaped from their home on privately owned land in Co Down.

Yesterday police warned residents not to approach the animals, which are native to Australia.

The adult female wallaby and her joey leaped onto the Knocksticken Road outside the village of Clough on Friday.

The mother is just over two feet in height and her baby, which is in her pouch, is white in colour.

The owner of the animals, who did not wish to be named, has appealed for anyone who sees them to contact the police.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "I want them back.

"It was seen here on the road not far from us but I don't know when, that's the problem."

The owner, who has had the animals for over five years, said the pair will not go hungry because their diet consists of leaves and grass.

"It will be fine, they have plenty to eat with all the choice of all the greenery," he said.

The owner recalled when they went missing.

He said: "It was stormy and the gate usually has a spring on it and it must not have closed properly behind me with the wind.

"So I realised it had been open and whenever I came back the gate was open a bit more and I looked to see if they were hidden anywhere.

"They can hide behind trees and you wouldn't see them. That's what they do – they stand up straight behind a tree."

SDLP councillor Patsy Toman said: "I hope the owner gets them back and they don't get injured on the road or anything like that."

If residents see the animals they should contact police on 0845 600 8000.

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