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'I always wanted to go away to study and I have family friends in Liverpool as well'

Portadown College

Hannah Porter, who achieved an A*, an A and a C grade at A-level
Hannah Porter, who achieved an A*, an A and a C grade at A-level

By Staff Reporter

Alex Chan-Taylor (18), Portadown

A-levels: French (A),

History (A),

Psychology (B).

Going to: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh to study Languages (Interpreting and Translating).

She says: "I have always like languages and I studied Spanish at GCSE as well.

"I am very pleased. My course asks for three Bs but psychology was hard and I was expecting to get a lot worse. My work placement was based around law but when I was doing it I attended a tribunal and there was an interpreter there and I knew then that was what I wanted to do.

"My course is in French and Spanish so I will be taking up Spanish again. I haven't thought ahead. I'm just happy I have got the results I got today."

Rachel Turner (18), Portadown

A-levels: History (B),

Politics (B),

Religion (B).

Going to: John Moores University Liverpool to study History.

She says: "I have always loved history which is why I chose the course. I would really love to go into digital archiving.

"I had been thinking about politics but I did work experience in an MLA's office and it wasn't for me.

"With archiving you can work in the BBC, the NHS or in government departments. It's similar to a librarian except it has moved on.

"I was over in November to see the university and have accommodation sorted in halls.

"I have always wanted to go away to study and I have a few family friends in Liverpool as well."

Hannah Porter (19), Portadown


Business Studies (A*),

Religion (A), French (C).

Going to: Considering options.

"I am so pleased because I didn't think the results would be anywhere nearly as good as that. I was expecting Bs and Cs.

She says: "I am hoping to go to QUB to do Business Management but because I didn't pick it as a first choice I have to go into clearing now.

"Hopefully I will get a place.

"I had applied for International Hospitality Management at University of Ulster but changed my mind.

"I also applied to Danske Bank's School Leavers' Programme but the applications haven't even closed for that yet.

"I am thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, running my own business. My dad has a videography business and that is something I would be interested in too."

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