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I became St Peter’s scribe, claims Tyrone mum

Denise Devlin who has written the book The Untold Story, Peter and Jesus - The Gap Years
Denise Devlin who has written the book The Untold Story, Peter and Jesus - The Gap Years
Leona O'Neill

By Leona O'Neill

A Co Tyrone mother put her popular business on hold after claiming St Peter channelled himself through her to write a book of his teachings for the modern age.

Denise Devlin from Strabane has penned The Untold Story: Peter and Jesus - the Gap Years after she said St Peter took control of her arm and led her to ferociously scribble down his stories and messages over four months last year.

The mother-of-two said the book is full of St Peter's insights on contemporary issues facing society today such as abortion, same-sex relationships and female leadership in churches.

In it she claims he told her that the world needs to embrace the 'divine feminine' and queried why females are not allowed to say mass.

The 51-year-old also said St Peter told her God does not judge those who have terminations, that same-sex relationships are blessed by God, and death is nothing to fear but just a returning home to God/spirit/source.

Denise, who runs the Positive Parties training and coaching business, said her commercial life took a back seat after her right arm began to shake uncontrollably and she was guided to concentrate on this book.

"My best friend and soul sister Fiona had died the year before," she said.

"She had been great at journalling throughout her life. So on February 23, the day that would have been her 50th birthday, I opened my journal and started to write little things about her.

"The next morning I was sitting in bed with my journal and I asked myself - I asked my soul actually - some questions about what I was meant to do.

"When I asked these questions my arms just took off on the page. It just started going mad. My daughter Orla came in and asked me what was wrong and I couldn't stop, I was scribbling and scribbling. I just told Orla it was coming from a higher power and I wasn't at all scared.

"Over the next few days I heard the voice, in my head, telling me that I had to clear out my office of everything and prepare myself to get up on March 1 and start scribing for St Peter.

"I took everything out belonging to my business and turned my office into a meditation room.

"I got a picture of St Peter and a candle and on March 1, I got up at 6am, went into the room and got my new A4 pad.

"My arm started to shake and shake and as soon as I put pen to paper, I just wrote and wrote and wrote until the voice said 'now rest'. That happened every day."

The book is a series of stories about Jesus and Peter's life together as friends, from when they first met in their teens to bonding in their 20s, up until the night before Jesus' 30th birthday. Each chapter has a story and is concluded with Peter's message.

Peter's message gives wisdom and advice relevant to 21st-century living in the language of today, which Denise said everyone can relate to.

"People are ready to read and hear the truths about a time when Jesus' acts and messages were all centred on unconditional love," she said.

"Religious institutions have distorted these truths. Now is a time for telling the untold story.

"Now is a time for raising consciousness. Now is a time for unconditional love in a world that needs to know. St Peter's time has come to tell and spread the word."

And Denise added she is prepared for sceptics.

"Not everyone is ready to hear this stuff," she said.

"At the end of the book St Peter told me that people will be interested to hear of my experience of channelling him since I fit into the worlds of business, political and spiritual, as opposed to a religious holy person who may have listened readily and channelled him.

"He told me that many will believe it to be true, others will be fascinated but unsure and many will scorn and that I should prepare for a rocky road. I know some people will think it's totally nuts."

The Untold Story, published by Balboa Press, is available to order on Amazon.

The book launch is in The Holywell Trust in Londonderry on June 29 at 7pm.

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