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I didn't lie to keep children, says mum


A 23-year-old woman who claims she was raped and sexually abused by her former partner, the father of their two children, yesterday denied lying to save the youngsters being taken from her.

Under cross-examination by defence QC Brendan Kelly, she accepted she told police she would do anything for her children.

She also agreed that Social Services had concerns about any unsupervised contact between the children and their father. Her ex-partner (22), who can't be named to protect her identity, is on trial at Belfast Crown Court, denying 10 charges including three of rape and two of sexual assault.

Mr Kelly put it to her she knew that if she and her former partner got back together "Social Services would not approve" and she was "scared that Social Services would feel that would not be in the best interests of the children".

"I thought that too," she replied.

Later Mr Kelly suggested that far from raping her, she and her former partner had had consensual sex while watching television.

"No, it was not consented to," said the woman.

At hearing.

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