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I don't like the idea of more cameras on the streets, but people should obey the rules - or pay the price

Taxi driver Jimmy
Taxi driver Jimmy
Motorist Cathy
Motorist Neil

By David Young

Motorists in Belfast are suspicious of the new DRD bus lane camera surveillance plan.

Thomas, from Orangefield, was convinced the plans were all about money.

"It's just another way of squeezing money out of the motorist.

"DRD should be putting their energy into catching real criminals, not criminalising motorists."

A few streets away, as he paid for his daily parking, Roger from Belfast said: "We don't need any more cameras being trained on us.

"There are enough cameras watching us as it is. Every road you drive on, there are more and more cameras - and they haven't stopped people from speeding."

Helen from Belfast thought the cameras were a good idea. "It really annoys me when other drivers break the rules. It's so frustrating when other drivers misuse bus lanes by parking in them."

Commuter Neil from Jordanstown said: "I don't like the idea of more cameras. The bus lanes just haven't worked. You hardly ever see a bus in them, so I can understand the temptation when you're stuck in traffic and there's an empty lane beside you." As she rushed to leave a city centre car park, Cathy from Belfast said she felt that the new scheme had good points and bad points: "I don't like the idea of more cameras, more surveillance.

"But people should obey the rules - or pay the price."

Parked outside Belfast City Hall, taxi driver Ahmed Khorami welcomed the new tougher regime: "It's good news for us taxi drivers," he said. "Too many people are using the bus lanes who shouldn't."

Fellow taxi driver Jimmy from east Belfast agreed. "If the new cameras are effective in keeping minicabs out of the bus lanes, it will be a help to all of us."

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