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'I feel lucky that Elliott got diagnosed so young'

By Victoria O'Hara

Sarah Crawford (32) - a teacher and mother-of-two from Belfast - said a trip to the optician this year has helped ensure her three-year-old son Elliott's sight will improve.

"For his third birthday last year he got a bike and he was really co-ordinated, but then seemed to be very clumsy," she said.

"When he was trying to catch a ball he would drop it, but those are things lots of three-year-olds do, so we thought nothing of it at the time.

"I took him to a local optician on the Belmont Road. She showed him pictures and an outline of a duck, train etc, and asked if he could see them with each eye. But he was saying he didn't know what some things were.

"It turned out his right eye is what they call very lazy and the muscles are very underdeveloped. I was just shocked, but the optician was very reassuring. She said she was giving him the strongest prescription she could and he had to then go to the eye clinic in the Ulster Hospital. This was all in the first appointment.

"He has glasses and will now have regular visits to the clinic, but I feel lucky that Elliott got diagnosed so young. Most children don't have their eyes tested until primary school.

"If he does have to wear a patch for a while to strengthen his eye, he won't have to wear glasses in about a year."

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