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I felt like a gorilla in the zoo: Stephen Nolan's celebrity status hampers dinner outing

The BBC's Stephen Nolan has said he felt like a "gorilla in the zoo" as he was snapped out having his dinner.

Speaking on his radio show on Friday he described how two nights earlier he was out with a friend for dinner and the pair were sitting at a window seat when he was spotted by fans.

"Without asking, these people came up to the window - they were outside - and started posing for selfies.

"I felt like some type of gorilla in the zoo."

The broadcaster made the remarks during a discussion on his BBC show on the health benefits of picking your nose and eating it.

"Is there nothing better you could be doing?" asked caller Janet.

Later in the show another caller revealed more of Mr Nolan's giving side, during a debate on parenting.

One woman said that while in Bristol airport, after telling her children they couldn't have any sweets given the late hour, Nolan bought them the sweets, crisps and the drinks they craved.

"Doesn't sound like me to be generous," said the presenter.

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