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I had to wait for months before leak finally fixed, claims NIHE tenant



Gary Carleton

Gary Carleton

The damage to his wall caused by a leak from his shower

The damage to his wall caused by a leak from his shower

Gary Carleton

Gary Carleton (46), from Dundonald, claimed he reported damp in his Housing Executive flat caused by a leaking shower in July - but had to wait until October before the damage was repaired.

"The Housing Executive had installed a new shower and kitchen but part of it started to leak through my wall," Mr Carleton told the Belfast Telegraph.

"A damp patch then appeared through the wall and badly damaged the carpet.

"It wasn't very nice to have to see every day and it was very frustrating to have to wait that long for repairs. It can be really hard to cope with when you have asked for it to be fixed."

On another occasion in July, he said his running water and electricity was switched off for four days while waiting for further repairs.

"All my food in the fridge had to be wasted.

"My mother was seriously ill in hospital at the time and I was only getting a few hours sleep," he continued.

"With no running water as well I had no option but to wash myself with bottled water. When a contractor was sent out to fix it, to be fair to him, he told me it was disgraceful I had to put up with that and told me to get straight on to the Housing Executive.

"I was under serious stress with my mother in hospital at the time so having to deal with not having basic facilities at home for that long was very hard on my mental health."

Last month, Mr Carleton said he had also raised concerns with the Housing Executive that a large pile of rubbish outside the building had not been cleared since July.

Although it has now been removed, he said residents had to endure unpleasant conditions for too long. "I have a neighbour in the building and all the rubbish was below his bedroom window and he couldn't open it because of the smell.

"There's also a number of young children in the building and we were concerned it would attract rats or mice."

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