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I heard women scream, witness tells trial in Turkey

By Michael Carroll

A secret witness has described hearing the screams of two Co Down women allegedly murdered by waiter Recep Cetin while they were on holiday in Turkey.

During a dramatic hearing in the trial of the man accused of killing friends Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both 53 and from Newry, Cetin's brother also described seeing him covered in blood on the day of the murders.

Cetin — alleged to have committed the killings due to a disagreement with Ms Graham over his wish to marry her teenage daughter Shannon — faced the fourth stage of his murder hearing alongside his father, Eyup Cetin, at the Fifth High Criminal Court in Izmir, Turkey.

His father is accused of involvement in the double killing.

From a video screen with their face and voice obscured to protect their identity, the witness — who could be a man or woman — described how they were walking in the woods where prosecutors allege the waiter killed the women.

The witness said they saw Recep Cetin and his father Eyup.

“I was walking away from the cemetery, when I heard the screams of two women,” the witness said.

“By the time I reached the road near the cemetery, I walked behind two men but they didn’t see me.

“The young one was wearing a red T-shirt and the other one was wearing a green T-shirt.

“A day later I read about the murder in the newspaper and I understood that those were the men I saw the previous night.

“I went to the gendarmerie regional command to give a statement.

“I did not see the women, but I heard them screaming.

“Two of my friends were with me at the time. I heard the voices, but I did not think someone was being killed.”

The other witnesses refused to give evidence for fear of having their identities revealed.

In another dramatic twist, the accused’s brother, Riza Cetin, also described seeing him covered in blood on the day of the murder.

Riza Cetin said: “The day when the incident happened, my brother came to our store and his clothes were bloody.

“He called my father. My brother and father spoke about something but I could not hear them. My father slapped my brother’s face and then they left in the car.”

In response to the statement by the secret witness, co-accused Eyup Cetin said: “If he saw us, why didn’t he call police or didn’t he have a mobile phone.

“The police station was close to the scene. He is not afraid of God, he only gave evidence after two months.

“This liar should be sent to jail for his crimes.”

Recep Cetin refused to comment on the details of the case when he took the stand, saying: “I have nothing to say, my father is in prison for nothing.

“I have six siblings; all of them are students, I want my father to be released.”

Security at the court has been stepped up after fears that witnesses, lawyers and court staff could be in danger of reprisals for taking part in the murder trial.

Prosecution lawyer Baris Kaska said: “I will discuss all the merits of the case and all the issues with the family.

“Very early tomorrow morning I will fly to Ireland to meet with the families and discuss developments.

“I can say to the Irish people that the Turkish legal system has given a good examination of the case and that the system is working properly.

“We are very hopeful for a just settlement.”

The two women’s bodies were found in woodland near the holiday resort where they were staying, in Kusadasi, Turkey.

Police arrested Shannon Graham’s waiter boyfriend soon after the bodies were found, and Cetin confessed to the killing.

Recep Cetin is believed by prosecutors to be 22 years old, however he insisted he is a 17-year-old and should be tried as a child.

Medical tests ordered by the court have indicated that he is in his 20s. The court is yet to rule on this matter, however Cetin is currently being tried alongside his father in an adult court.

The trial was adjourned to December 28.

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