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I know what family is going through, says man who flew out to find son

The father of a young Co Down man who went off radar in Ibiza yesterday contacted the Belfast Telegraph to offer his support to the family of a missing nightclub hostess.

The Banbridge man, who asked not to be named to protect his son's identify, said he knows exactly what relatives of Michaella McCollum Connolly are going through.

Now recovered after his ordeal several years ago, his son was also out of contact during a holiday on the party island, causing his family great anxiety and distress.

He said: "He was into the party and club scene in Manchester when he was at uni and so he went a couple of times on holiday to Ibiza.

"I hadn't heard from him for days. It was only after going through his bank statements that I knew he had bought flights to Ibiza so I flew over to find him.

"The police don't seem to care, there's no consulate on the island and there's always another plane-load of youngsters in every day.

"I found him within about 20 minutes as I went to a local bar called the Highlander where staff help keep an eye on some young people who go off the rails.

"The West End of San Antonio is knee-deep with bottles of booze, cans and whatever every morning, some young people like my son just get caught up in it all."

He urged Michaella's family, who haven't heard from the young Belfast woman for the past 12 days, to fly out to Ibiza to find her themselves and offered his mobile number for them to contact him. The number has been passed on to the Connolly family.

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