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'I met IRA to ask them why they murdered my mother'

By Staff Reporter

The daughter of a Belfast woman abducted and murdered by the IRA 21 years ago said she was left feeling numb after she met members of the terror group about her mother's shooting.

Mother-of-three Caroline Moreland (34) was abducted and tortured in a house in Monaghan and murdered less than two months before the IRA's 1994 ceasefire.

Her body was discovered in a pool of blood, dumped near the Co Fermanagh border. She had been missing for 15 days.

Shauna Moreland (31) revealed that she met the IRA after Freddie Scappaticci was named as an agent in the media. He has always denied the allegation.

"I had a meeting with two IRA men in west Belfast. I asked them why was she killed, and they said she was an informer, and there was a war," Ms Moreland said.

"They said that my mummy was well respected but that she wasn't a member of the IRA. They didn't apologise. I went numb to be honest."

She added: "There was no proper police investigation into my mummy's murder, there was no one convicted, I'm not aware of any inquest.

"We have had no access to the autopsy report."

A police ombudsman investigation is ongoing.

Ms Moreland wants to meet Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness as she believes he was on the IRA Army Council at the time of her mother's killing.

But she has rejected the possibility of a meeting with the Sinn Fein leader.

"Gerry Adams was also on the Army Council. What Martin McGuinness will admit is that he was in the IRA; he maybe lied about when he came out of it, but he will stand up and say yes, he was," she said.

"Anything Gerry Adams says is just lies, and that's my opinion on him. I think he's a barefaced liar. I think Gerry Adams would deny he has a beard, when everyone else can see it on his face. I don't need any more lies."

A Sinn Fein spokesman said: "Martin McGuinness is more than willing to meet with Shauna Moreland... it is certainly not the case that he was on the IRA Army Council."

Ms Moreland added: "I would ask McGuinness, did he know my mummy personally? Was he on the Army Council? If he was, did he sanction her murder, and if so, why, and how can he justify that. Does he sleep at night?"

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