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'I think it is a sneaky thing to do'

By Claire McNeilly

Dympna Colgan (50), from Newtownbutler, is a childminder to her granddaughters Amelia (16) and six-year-old Hannah.

She is married to George (50), who is currently unemployed, and they have five children - Denise (26), Fiona (24), Mark (21), Conor (17) and Ryan (10). She said she had changed her shopping habits as a result of soaring grocery bills.

"It's expensive to feed a big family," she said. "Milk, butter and bread are the main things I buy and I can't seem to keep enough of them in the house. We also eat a lot of pasta because it's cheap.

"I mainly buy in bulk as much as possible and store things like bread and meat in the freezer.

"My weekly supermarket spend is somewhere in the region of £100, but I also go to our local butcher's for meat and that comes to an additional £30 a week."

Switching to discount stores has saved her around 50% on her grocery bill recently. She added:"I think it's very sneaky that the big supermarkets have been quietly reducing the number of economy range items they offer while at the same time boasting about their price-matching schemes."

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