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'I want sellers caught before more deaths'

Brian Mills (41), died after drinking session

By Claire Williamson

A heartbroken son has recalled the dramatic last minutes of his dad's life as the effects of a new killer drug took effect.

Brian Mills (41), from Shore Road In Kircubbin, Co Down, died at his home on August 3, 2013, after an all-night drinking session. His son James, and his friend, Bradley Wright, met Mr Mills at the pub.

The Coroner's Court heard Mr Mills was in "great form" and was being "jolly."

The two went to Mr Mills' home.

The friends went to the shop at around 9am and when they returned Mr Mills complained of being too warm.

They made attempts to cool him down and went outside. James heard heavy breathing and rushed inside. He told the court his dad appeared to stop breathing and looked as though he was having a fit.

"I started to panic, and I ran outside to get help."

When asked by the Coroner if he had seen his father take the tablets, James said no.

Bradley Wright said Mr Mills' lips were white and he tried to talk to him, but got no response. He said: "James rang an ambulance saying, 'he's dead, he's dead'."

Police called to the scene found four tablets. Later Mr Mills' brother Leonard located a bag of 287 white tablets.

A post-mortem examination found Mr Mills died from toxicity caused by 4,4-Dimethylaminorex – 'speckled cherries' or 'speckled cross' – combined with toxicity from Ecstasy drugs MDMA and MDA.

Constable David Hayes said the drugs found were "off white", adding: "Most, if not all, had an imprinted cherry."

Coroner Suzanne Anderson said: "There has been a cluster of deaths including this new drug."

She added: "It seems to have had catastrophic effects from the outcome of our hearings in these inquests."

Speaking outside court Leonard Mills said: "I just want those selling to be caught before anyone else dies."

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