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I want to restore power-sharing for all of NI: Foster

By John Mulgrew

The restoration of the Assembly is "not about personal ambition" but delivering on growing Northern Ireland's economy, DUP leader Arlene Foster has said.

Speaking in Lisburn yesterday, Mrs Foster added: "(It is in) the best interests of Northern Ireland and the Union to have a functioning Assembly and influence in our national parliament.

"Let us use both so that in 2021 Northern Ireland celebrates its centenary and starts its new century as a confident, growing, prosperous region of a global UK."

Mrs Foster also stressed that she wanted to restore power-sharing for all the people of Northern Ireland.

"The restoration of an Assembly is not about personal ambition but to deliver on that vision," she said.

The former First Minister insisted much had already been achieved, including lowering unemployment and boosting exports.

"The DUP took the lead and now others follow," she said. "With the opportunities of a sensible Brexit, new global relationships, national and regional industrial strategies and the devolution of corporation tax, we can do so much more.

"Our target of 50,000 more and better jobs will make a difference to so many of our families. Work to help businesses upscale will help more and more businesses step up to the global stage. The stronger your growth, the better you can reward your workers. The DUP has no doubts what is in the best interests of Northern Ireland. It has faith in Northern Ireland, its people and its businesses.

"We call on others to cast aside their doubts and have faith. Everyone will enjoy the rewards of a common good."

Speaking to this newspaper earlier this week, Mrs Foster said the Prime Minister was aware of the damage a huge 220% tariff on Bombardier sales to the US would have on the Northern Ireland economy.

In a preliminary ruling last week, the US Department of Commerce imposed the penalty on the company's jets following a complaint by Boeing that its Canadian rival had received State subsidies.

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