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I won't be forced out, says mayor

A borough mayor targeted by sectarian vandals for the fourth time in a year has insisted he will not be forced from his home.

Graffiti was daubed on a wall at the front of George Duddy's house in Coleraine last night.

The sinister line "Oil my AK47" was scrawled alongside "Curry my yogurt" - the controversial comment made by Mr Duddy's DUP colleague Gregory Campbell when he parodied the Irish language last month.

Police said they are treating the vandalism as a hate crime.

Mr Duddy, who is a senior Orangeman, said he would never be forced out of the area.

"I actually wouldn't mind even being buried here, because I have a big enough yard," said the defiant councillor.

"I'll not be moving. The next time they move me out of here will be on the flat of my back.

"Where would I go? It would make no difference, you can go to one place or another but the individuals who are involved in this, it wouldn't make any difference to them. If they want you, they will track you down."

Mr Duddy said there have been more than 20 such sectarian attacks in his neighbourhood against homes perceived to be occupied by unionists since last April .

The mayor said the reference to a firearm in the latest graffiti was alarming.

"It's probably the same headcases who are doing it, but there is a different tone to it now, which is slightly more concerning," he said.

"They are referencing firearms. Not that I would have any real concerns about those who are maybe writing it but you can never be sure, you can never be sure who is at it or who they are actually representing."


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