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I would love to do a second series, says Armagh creator of ITV crime drama The Bay

Daragh Carville
Daragh Carville
A scene from crime drama The Bay
DS Lisa Armstrong and fisherman Sean
Schoolboy Sam Hesketh, who was revealed as the killer
Adrian Rutherford

By Adrian Rutherford

The Co Armagh writer behind The Bay has said he would "absolutely love" a second series of the gripping ITV crime drama.

The six-parter followed DS Lisa Armstrong, played by Morven Christie, as she investigated the case of two missing children in an English seaside town.

It ended on Wednesday night with the killer of Dylan Meredith finally unmasked.

Its creator Daragh Carville said he believes there is scope for at least one more series.

"I would absolutely love (another series) to happen," he told Digital Spy.

"From the get-go, when I started working on this with (production company) Tall Story and we started to build the idea, it was always conceived as a show that could return because it has at the heart of it a family liaison officer going into a family at a time of crisis.

"So that suggests that potentially each season could be a new crime happening to a new family, with our family liaison officer going in to explore that world.

"And again it's in the lap of the audience now, so whether we get a chance to do that or not - we don't know yet - but I think we're all really excited by the other stories we could tell in this world with these characters."

Set over six episodes, The Bay followed the disappearance of teenage siblings Dylan and Holly Meredith in Morecambe Bay.

After Dylan was found dead at the end of episode one, the focus turned to the hunt for his killer.

Holly was found alive and confessed to murdering her brother, but it soon transpired she was shielding the real culprit.

All was revealed in Wednesday night's final episode when Sam Hesketh was revealed as the killer.

The schoolboy confessed after DS Armstrong worked out that he was the father of Holly's baby and was planning to run away with her, before Dylan tried to stop them.

Christie, who starred as DS Armstrong - a family liaison officer with a secret - was at the centre of the show. And if a second series is commissioned, Carville wants her to return to the role.

"The fact that we've got the family of the victim, and Lisa's family, and the police - if we are lucky enough to get another series, then those are roles we will continue to explore," he added.

"But there will be new families, and new stories."

Asked about a second series, Christie said she would "love to do another one"

She added: I loved playing her, loved the accent, loved the crew."

However, some viewers were unhappy with a series of unanswered questions after the final episode, including whether DS Armstrong was going to get her job back.

She was suspended after it emerged she had tampered with evidence to hide her links to the missing teens' stepdad.

ITV has yet to comment on whether The Bay will return for a second series.

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