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Iain takes the biscuit: Great British Bake Off comeback

By Michelle Smyth

Bearded Belfast baker Iain Watters was very much the comeback kid in last night's Great British Bake Off after wowing previously unimpressed judges.

The construction engineer concocted a 3D wild west scene complete with cowboys and green cacti for Biscuit Week in the BBC1 programme which sees home bakers battle it out to be named the best amateur baker.

Last week judge Mary Berry was less than impressed with Iain's Swiss roll and Paul Hollywood said he "struggled" to get some flavours from his lemon drizzle cake.

He also failed to impress with his savoury biscuits in the first half of last night's show.

He soon had the judges eating out of the palm of his hand in the second round with Paul Hollywood even likening him to a phoenix rising from the ashes. While sweating it out against the clock, making his pistachio and rose and chocolate and chilli biscuits, Iain was described as the "Vincent van Gogh" of the competition.

As he brought his creation over to be judged, presenter Sue Perkins exclaimed: "The wild west is coming to us."

Mary Berry remarked on how the cowboy scene "supported itself" and said the sweet biscuit had a "nice snap" will a "full crunch". Paul Hollywood remarked on the vibrant green colour of his cacti biscuits: "It's a nice biscuit, but a terrible colour. I suppose it had to be that colour because of the cactus trees."

The judges also decreed his creation was distinct and sharp, well executed and well thought-out.

Iain's competitors' offerings included a Hansel and Gretel scene, a ski village, a beach scene and a dragon.

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