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Ian Paisley interview: DUP and Peter Robinson react to comments made in anticipated BBC documentary

By John Mulgrew

Peter Robinson and members of the DUP have responded to comments made in a much-anticipated interview with the party's founder Ian Paisley.

The second part of the controversial Paisley: Genesis To Revelation – Face To Face With Eamonn Mallie is due to be shown on Monday night.

It's expected the former First Minister will be highly critical of others over the circumstances of his retirement from public life.

In advance of the screening, the DUP launched a wave of response on Sunday.

Peter Robinson said "there are many who will believe that in agreeing to participate in these interviews Lord Bannside will have done nothing to enhance his legacy".

"They will struggle to reconcile the spirit and tone he presents with that which they will have known and admired.

"This is not the Ian Paisley we knew."

The second programme is understood to deal in detail with Mr Paisley's retirement from politics in 2010 and his stepping down as Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church.

In the first programme, Mr Paisley referred to "being kicked to the gutter" by the church which he helped to found.

In a statement on behalf of the DUP as a whole, a spokesman said "Lord Bannside is entitled to his own opinions – however, he is not entitled to his own facts".

Deputy leader Nigel Dodds said: "I am personally very saddened to learn of the tone and contents of the latest programme on Lord Bannside".

Meanwhile in a statement from Lord Morrow, the MLA said Mr Paisley's "latest utterances do not do justice to someone who was a giant in unionism in Northern Ireland".

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