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Ian Paisley 'totally denies' £100k holidays claim


Newspaper report: Ian Paisley

Newspaper report: Ian Paisley

Newspaper report: Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley "totally denies defamatory inferences" in a newspaper report alleging he failed to declare £100,000 in hospitality from the Sri Lankan government, his solicitor has confirmed.

Libel lawyer Paul Tweed said the North Antrim MP had provided a full explanation to a parliamentary watchdog.

The Daily Telegraph claimed Mr Paisley accepted two all-expenses paid holidays to the Indian Ocean island in 2013. It alleged that he met with Sri Lankan officials to discuss possible post-Brexit trade deals.

However, the DUP representative took to social media to declare the article "devoid of fact or logic".

He also announced his intention to refer himself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and to consult his lawyer.

Mr Tweed yesterday issued a statement on behalf of the politician. The lawyer said: "My client totally denies the defamatory inferences arising from the article in today's Daily Telegraph, including those relating to his registration obligations as an MP.

"He has now referred this matter, and a full explanation, to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards."

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