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Ice warning extended to Monday, but conditions set to thaw


Snow could be on its way back to Northern Ireland

Snow could be on its way back to Northern Ireland

Snow could be on its way back to Northern Ireland

Icy conditions caused by the combination of the 'Beast from the East' and Storm Emma are set to continue into early next week.

A yellow weather warning from the Met Office has been extended until 11am on Monday morning for all parts of Northern Ireland.

Ice patches are expected on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

Snow is also expected at times on higher ground in Northern Ireland.

Motorists are warned driving conditions may become difficult, and there is an increased chance of slips and falls from icy surfaces.

Despite the extended warning, a thaw has begun to take hold around the United Kingdom.

In Northern Ireland showers are expected to turn to rain into this evening, with maximum temperatures of around 4C.

It is expected to get brighter on Monday afternoon towards western counties, with maximum temperatures of 6C.

Speaking to Press Association, Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell said: “Through the rest of the afternoon we’ve got spells of rain across the south, perhaps turning to sleet at times, but we really are losing that risk of snow across much of southern England and Wales through Sunday as temperatures return towards normal for a lot of places.

“There is quite a lot of snow in some places across the south… so it’s going to be some time before all that snow melts away but temperature-wise over the next few days it’s definitely going to help things."

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