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‘I’ll be logging in every day to see if an offer has been made’

Lismore Comprehensive

Renee Hamilton, Abbey Gillespie and Michelle Hamilton celebrate after getting their A-Level Results from Banbridge Academy grammar school
Renee Hamilton, Abbey Gillespie and Michelle Hamilton celebrate after getting their A-Level Results from Banbridge Academy grammar school
Leagh Kerr and Ellen O’Hara celebrate after getting their results from Lismore Comprehensive School in Craigavon
Grosvenor Grammar School students Olivia McClelland and Lauren Moore

By Staff Reporter

Nevin Donnelly (18), Derrytrasna

Media Studies (BTEC) - A

English Literature (A-level) - B

Business Studies (A-level) - C

Going to: Awaiting offer from QUB.

He said:"I am hoping to do English and Film Studies at Queen's but I am waiting for them to get back to me.

"They have asked for the equivalent of three Bs and the decision is pending. It takes a week for them to come back so I will be logging in every day at 9am and 2pm for an update.

"I was expecting a B in Business Studies but the exam ended up going differently to how I thought it would. I thought I had put in the work to get the B.

"I need two marks to get the English up to an A so I don't know if getting that re-marked is an option.

"I have an offer from Coleraine for English on its own but I would prefer the course at Queen's. It would also cost more money being further away from home.

"I am thinking about a career in journalism but I was told the best way is to do a Masters in it at the end of my degree."

Rachel McNally (18), Craigavon

Engineering (BTEC) - C


Health and Social Care (A-level) - B

Going to: Starting a Higher Level Apprenticeship with First Derivatives, Newry.

She said: "I went into school for the results because I had lost my online login code and was told I had got a C in ICT.

"My nanny works in the school and she phoned me later at home to say the head examiner wanted to speak to me but it was nothing bad. They told me I had actually got an A in ICT, so I jumped two grades in the space of a couple of hours!

"I am starting my apprenticeship in September. I'll be going to work four days and the other day to Portadown Tech. At the end of three years I will have a foundation degree and a guaranteed job with First Derivatives, all completely free."

Niamh Haughian (18), Derrytrasna


Sport (BTEC) - A

Health and Social Care (A-level) - B

Going to: Still deciding.

She said: "I have an offer from Liverpool Hope University to study Education and Special Needs Education which I am thinking about. I also need to send my results to St Mary's Training College in Belfast because I am also considering doing Liberal Arts and Business Studies there.

"At the moment I am swaying towards Liverpool because I want to work with children with special needs.

"I was in Ceara Special School in Lurgan on work experience and I am a special needs ambassador at school which meant helping out with a class during both of my A-level years which I really enjoyed."

Tiago Realinho (18), Portadown

Maths - A*

Chemistry - A

Biology - A

Portuguese - B

Going to: Queen's University Belfast to study Biochemistry.

He said: "My results were better than I had hoped. I was expecting at least an A in Maths and Bs in Chemistry and Biology.

"Biochemistry at Queen's asks for two As and a B but I had a grade reduction option if I needed it.

"That's because I took part in the university's Pathway Opportunity Programme which helps more disadvantaged pupils. It has also awarded me a £1,000 bursary.

"My family moved to Northern Ireland from Portugal when I was two so I am bilingual.

"I have been interested in Science since first year and was thinking of going into Forensic Science.

"I read that Biochemistry is a good course to do for that.

"Now I am just going to do the degree and see where it takes me."

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