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I'll keep on flying Ulster flag, insists Dublin publican after 'silly' complaint


Flags outside Peadar Browns pub in Dublin

Flags outside Peadar Browns pub in Dublin

Peadar Browns pub

Peadar Browns pub

Flags outside Peadar Browns pub in Dublin

A Dublin pub owner has said he will refuse to remove an Ulster flag from his bar, having received a call from someone claiming to be from the city's council demanding he take it down.

Publican Aidan Brown (34) owns Peadar Browns bar in Dublin's Clanbrassil Street. He received the phone call two days ago by an individual who claimed to be part of the city's council and who cited "complaints from neighbours" as a reason why he should remove the Ulster nine county provincial flag over the entrance.

Describing his reaction to the call as one of surprise at the "silly" request, Mr Brown explained the flag will remain in place.

"The person on the phone who claimed he was from the council told me there had been a complaint from someone. It didn't seem to be an issue with flags in general, it seemed to be particularly the 'northern flags'. That is the way he phrased it," he said.

"It is not uncommon to see English flags flying in the town when the Six Nations is on.

"We even have pubs with the Union Jack around Dublin City Centre and it is not an issue. It seemed to be a problem with the Ulster flag. I don't think he was getting that it wasn't an actual Northern Ireland flag."

Receiving support on social media, including from the former Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke, Mr Brown said he had since received a further call from the man reiterating the request.

"We reopen on Monday. I can't just hire a cherry picker today and take it down," said Mr Brown.

"It is a privately owned pub and look, we are in Ireland, I think we can fly the flags of all four provinces proudly if we want."

A spokesperson from Dublin City Council said: "No official from Dublin City Council contacted the owner of Peadar Browns requesting him to remove any flags from the front of his pub."

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