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Ill Nigel Dodds to miss out on DUP party conference


DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds is to miss his party's first spring conference after falling ill earlier this week.

The North Belfast MP said he had been looking forward to participating in today's event in Enniskillen, where leader Peter Robinson is to give a keynote address.

"It is disappointing that Diane and I will both miss (it) but I know it will be a success," Mr Dodds said in his first public statement after he collapsed in the House of Commons on Wednesday and was taken to hospital.

But he added yesterday: "After this unscheduled break I am looking forward to returning to my full schedule within a few days."

The 54-year-old was kept in overnight for observation at St Thomas' Hospital near Westminster after sources said he fainted following an acute headache.

Apart from First Minister Robinson's speech, today's gathering will focus on policy development and is a private party event.

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