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I'll show that working mums can do anything, says Belfast's next Lord Mayor

By Rebecca Black

The next Lord Mayor of Belfast says she wants to be an inspiration to her baby son.

Alliance's Nuala McAllister (28) has been selected by her party for the role and will take over from current first citizen Brian Kingston (DUP) in June.

She has been on the council since 2014, and said she was inspired to get involved in politics as an act of solidarity with party colleagues who had been threatened during the loyalist protests following the decision to fly the Union flag at Belfast City Hall on designated days rather than 365 days a year.

Ms McAllister had first child Finn last August, and hopes to inspire working mums and be a role model for her boy by taking on the demanding role.

"Any job is hard with a young baby, but this is something I want to highlight as a working mum," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

"The position of Lord Mayor doesn't make me any different from any other working mum, it just means that I am doing my best to provide for my family and doing my best to be a role model for my son.

"I want to show Finn that women are a group of people who can put themselves forward to do anything. I want to break through the glass ceiling and I want to show that to my son, so as he grows up he recognises women can achieve anything.

"Having an amazing partner and a lot of family, I will have plenty of hands to help. But Finn will be a regular face around City Hall, and no doubt very excited to play with the new necklace."

Ms McAllister said she was excited to take up the role later this year as her party's first Lord Mayor since leader Naomi Long in 2009.

"I want to follow her example of truly working for everyone, giving them ownership of the role as well. It will be an absolute honour to serve each and every citizen, and I will feel privileged to do so," she said.

The next Deputy Lord Mayor will be nominated by the UUP.

Meanwhile, DUP councillor Tom Haire will be sworn in as new High Sheriff on Monday.

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