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‘I’m blooming fuming at flower cull’

A group of workmen stands accused of destroying wildlife and wildflowers along the Comber Greenway by an irate local resident.

Harry Byron, from Dundonald, says he was horrified to see the destruction as he walked along the Greenway from Millar’s Lane to the Billy Neill playing fields on Friday, July 2.

“I was looking at all the flowers which had just come into bloom and the next minute a tractor came along and cut the whole lot down. I said to the two boys, ‘You have just destroyed all the wildlife and wildflowers’.

“They shouldn’t be cutting when they have just come into bloom. They should only cut at the beginning or end of the season and not when it’s full of insects and butterflies.”

Mr Byron says the workers told him they worked for Roadside Services and that cyclists had complained that verges were not being cleared.

“They weren’t encroaching over the sides of the footpath at all. I was along there earlier in the morning before they cut it and it was okay.

“It was beautiful and they have just |destroyed it. It’s crazy,” he fumed.

A Roads Service spokesperson told the Community Telegraph: “Roads Service have to maintain our statutory |obligation by cutting grass in urban areas five times a year between April and |September.”

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