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I'm drawing a line: Stephen Nolan slams internet trolls over abuse and threats

BBC Radio presenter Stephen Nolan has hit out at internet trolls over abuse and threats he has received over social media.

It comes after a picture of his car appeared on the Idiot Drivers Northern Ireland Facebook page over some errant parking. His car would regularly feature on the page.

"I am not the best parker in the world ! Fair cop," the broadcaster said in response.

However, moments after the initial comment, the presenter then showed the abusive responses to the post.

One user asked: "Can somebody put one in the fat f****** head.....?"

Another said he needed his windows put in.

However, others said it was not right to subject the journalist to abuse.

"Yes he is a radio presenter, but that doesn't make him fair cop for all the trolls on here!!!"

In a Facebook post, Mr Nolan responded: "Just to give you all a sense what I put up with on a regular basis.

"It's unacceptable and disgusting.

"My job is to challenge on behalf of the public. My job is not to have people threatening me with "one in the head" nor is it to have people attack my property . I'm drawing a line."

Speaking on his Radio Ulster show on Monday morning, Mr Nolan thanked the many people who had offered their support.

He said: "I have no problem people having a go at me. I have no problem with people disrespecting me. I have no problem with people taking me on.

"It is not acceptable to threaten violence against me, or my property.

"It was heartening to hear from so many people, particularly some who said they don't agree with some of the stuff I do, to say that it was disgusting.

"But I am telling these people it is unacceptable, it is deeply disturbing and I am not putting up with it and I am telling them, I am drawing a line."

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