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'I'm looking forward to September and moving into halls'

Banbridge Academy

Clare-Rose Agnew
Clare-Rose Agnew

By Mairead Holland

Clare-Rose Agnew (19), Laurencetown

Chemistry (A),

Physics (A),

Biology (A),

Maths (A*).

Going to: University of Aberdeen to study Medicine.

She said: "I am the first person in my family to study medicine, but I have always been interested in science subjects.

"I did work experience at the Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children for three days.

"I also did work experience at Almac and at the lab at QUB because I was keeping my options open at that point.

"After working in the hospital, I knew it was definitely what I wanted to do. There was real variety in the job and you feel you are doing something worthwhile.

"As head girl, I also volunteered at the A&E department in Craigavon Area Hospital, keeping people company who had no family members with them.

"I'm really looking forward to starting in September and moving into halls."

Andrew Denver (18), Waringstown

Chemistry (A),

Maths (A),

Biology (A).

Going to: University of Dundee to study Dentistry.

He said: "I had worked hard and knew I had done my best, so I was confident of doing well.

"I chose Dundee because it's a small university and the dental school and accommodation are all on the campus.

"My aunt and uncle are both dentists in England and I did two days' work experience in Best Dental Care in Lurgan, which is general practice.

"After my degree I am hoping to specialise, maybe in orthodontics. I think it's an extra three years, but you can work while you do it.

"I had my sights set on Dentistry and nothing else. If I hadn't got the grades, I would have taken a year out and reassessed things."

Myles Murray (18), Banbridge

Maths (A),

Business Studies (A),

Geography (A).

Going to: Queen's University Belfast to study Finance.

He said: "I needed an A and two Bs, so I got on to the course I wanted. I'm thinking of accountancy in the future.

"I want to travel before I start work. I am thinking of Thailand because they have such a good culture there.

"My mum did that. She went to Jordanstown and then afterwards she went travelling.

"That's really what gave me the idea."

Abbey Gillespie (18), Banbridge

Music (A),

English (A),

Drama (A*).

Going to: Queen's University Belfast to study Music

She said: "I needed Bs for the course, so I am really happy. I didn't think I was going to get the grades to get in.

"I play the piano and sing. I am hoping to go into music therapy to help people with special needs.

"I have done a bit of that type of work before. I did 'sound stories' in the afternoon club at Donard Special School where I helped the children put music to the words. But I'll see how the three years go at Queen's first."

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