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I'm ready to win for the people of this country, says Labour leader

By Josh Thomas

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will "take the fight to the Tories" in a general election, insisting the party is ready after the Government said it will push for a snap election if MPs try to block a no-deal Brexit.

A senior Government source said Prime Minister Boris Johnson would request a general election on October 14 if MPs back a cross-party move to seize control of Commons business on Tuesday.

A motion for the early election will be tabled by the Government which would require the support of two-thirds of MPs under the provisions of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (FTPA).

Addressing a rally in Salford last night, Mr Corbyn said Labour is ready to fight a general election.

He said: "What Boris Johnson was doing was essentially threatening people, threatening people with a no-deal Brexit if he doesn't get his way in Parliament.

"I know people voted both ways in the referendum, obviously. But I simply say this - people didn't vote to lose their jobs, didn't vote to see our environmental standards, workers' rights, consumer protections ripped up. They voted because they were angry about many things and they voted as they did to try and protect themselves as best they could.

"I am proud to lead our party, I'm proud to take the fight to the Tories and I will be delighted when the election comes. I'm ready for it, you're ready for it, we're ready for it, we'll take the message out there and above all we will win for the people of this country."

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage predicted Boris Johnson will lose today's vote forcing a Brexit extension and the country will face a general election in October.

Speaking at a rally in Colchester, he said: "They, allied with us, would be unstoppable in the general election. We could get Brexit, we could destroy Corbyn and we would be a free, independent nation.

"Yes, there may be on November 1 one or two bumps in the road, but free and proud we'd be able to get on with the rest of our lives."

He said there will be a "big attempt by Corbyn and others" to secure a Brexit extension today.

He said he "can't predict how that vote will go" but "I suspect the Prime Minister will lose and I suspect we'll be facing a general election".

"Boris, you can't win without us. Boris, if you go for the withdrawal agreement I'm afraid you will lose, but if you do the right thing and we support you you'll be a national hero in the history of this nation."

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