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In champ Carl's corner from very start, it's mum and dad Frampton

Carl Frampton v Scott Quigg - IBF and WBA super-bantamweight titles. Manchester Arena, 27 February, 10,45pm.

By Deborah McAleese

Sitting among 20,000 people in the Manchester Arena tonight will be Carl Frampton's biggest fan - his mum.

Flo Frampton will be taking her ringside seat alongside husband Craig and Carl's wife Christine to watch the biggest fight of her son's career.

While many mothers would be overcome with nerves, Flo takes it all in her stride.

"No, I'm not nervous," she told the Belfast Telegraph. "I never get nervous when he's fighting. He's been doing it from he was seven years old, so I'm pretty used to it now. I don't really get excited until just before he gets into the ring."

Flo and Craig travelled to Manchester yesterday for the weigh-in ahead of tonight's world title showdown between the Belfast man and Bury's Scott Quigg.

The build-up to the fight, with public clashes between Frampton and Quigg over who gets the best dressing room, has added to the fevered excitement surrounding the event.

"We are all delighted with the turnout of supporters from home," said Flo.

"The support has been brilliant. Carl always puts his fans first. They've come here to see him and show their support. He wants them to enjoy it."

The Tigers Bay woman added that her son was feeling "confident" and "just ready to get into the ring".

Frampton showed his eagerness for the big fight when he tweeted: "I'm ready to go right now!" shortly after yesterday afternoon's weigh-in.

And in a recent Press interview he also revealed his determination to win.

"I'm willing to die in the ring," Frampton said. "It's the truth. It's just my mentality.

"I'll put everything into a fight - I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to win. I just don't want to lose."

And his mum said: "Yes, he's very determined. He is very focused. From a child Carl has been very much into sports. He was good at any sport he played.

"He started boxing aged seven and then did some football. He played rugby in school at Glengormley High and played a couple of matches with Crusaders.

"But it was always really boxing for him. Boxing is something that was born into him.

"He is feeling very confident and ready to get into the ring. We are all feeling confident." And asked how it felt to be the mother of a world champion boxer, Flo replied: "I'm really proud of him - we all are. If you'd told me a few years ago about all of this I wouldn't have believed it, but he has worked very hard. We are all delighted with how well he is doing.

"But it hasn't changed us or Carl at all. We are still the same. Carl's exactly the same. He is very grounded.

"He will always stop to say hello to people. His fans always come first."

Flo also told how she would not be speaking to her son again until after tonight's fight. "His daddy will go into the dressing room ahead of the fight for a few minutes to say good luck," she said. "I never go in. He will be concentrating. I'll see him afterwards. I'm feeling quite relaxed about it all at the minute."

But Craig was not quite as calm as his wife.

"I'm not too bad at the minute, but that'll change just before the fight," he said.

Around 20,000 people will pack the arena for the title unification showdown.

Tickets for the event sold out within nine minutes of going on sale last year.

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