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In my day: We quiz Paul Boyd on the time of his life

By Staff Reporter

Paul Boyd is the writer and director of Tinseltown which runs at Theatre at the Mill in Newtownabbey from December 1-13.

Q: What was your decade?

A: The 1990s. In the first half of the decade I was at the University of Ulster in Coleraine and in the second half of it I was in Belfast running Kabosh theatre company.

Q: What was life like?

A: It was great fun. We were very young and naive and thought we would be huge stars. The future looked bright and exciting.

Q: What were you listening to?

A: Everything. I was listening to a mix of house music and pop music and musical theatre tracks too.

Q: And the style?

A: Embarrassing. In those days we all had bob haircuts and wore dungarees, hooded tops and big Doctor Marten boots.

Q: What has changed?

A: I no longer wear the dungarees or have the bob hairstyle. I expected to have got bored of what I do and be doing something different but I am doing the same thing. It's still as exciting as it ever was.

Q: What was better back then?

A: No. It was different. It was a different time for Belfast. When I come back home I see big changes in the city. Theatre at the Mill where I am working at the moment didn't exist. Tinseltown is my 21st musical and, as ever, it's getting its opening in Northern Ireland.

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