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In my day: We quiz Sarah Collyer on the time of her life

By Staff Reporter

Sarah Collyer is currently choreographing The New Lyric Operatic Society's production of West Side Story appearing at the Grand Opera House, November 18-22.

Q: What was your decade?

A: The 1990s. I worked and lived in both Surrey and Portugal, I met my husband and had my first child.

Q: What was life like?

A: Exciting - we felt we could achieve anything. We were in a time just before technology exploded so you had to phone them at home or arrange to meet. There was no social media so you had to wait until Monday to hear the scandal from the weekend.

Q: What were you listening to?

A: A real mix of music from Madonna to Portishead. Although the most played CD on my portable CD player was Prince's Diamonds And Pearls.

Q: And the style?

A: Hot pants and waistcoats, crop tops and Levi 501s. In the Nineties forgetting to do the strap on your dungarees was not an oversight, it was a fashion statement.

Q: What has changed?

A: Well, in the 1990s Billie Piper was a popstar! You had to wait days to get photos developed and only businessmen had mobile phones. If you wanted to edit your music you had to use the tape-to-tape function on your tape deck and press pause at precisely the right second to cut your music. The advances in technology now are great, although I miss the excitement of having a letter delivered.

Q: What was better back then?

A: We didn't worry as much. Television wasn't overrun with reality shows and Wagon Wheels were definitely bigger.

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