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In Pictures: Twelfth of July bonfires across Northern Ireland

In the run-up the 12th of July celebrations the Orange Order urged loyalists not to burn tyres on Eleventh night bonfires – although it made no mention of flags, posters or sectarian effigies.

The Order said tyres were an environmental and health hazard and bonfires should be welcoming to families.

"While the Grand Lodge or the Orange Institution does not organise bonfires, we are conscious that there are genuine health and environmental concerns about the burning of tyres on bonfires, and we would encourage those involved in bonfires not to accept tyres," it added.

There was controversy this week after posters of Alliance MLA Anna Lo and Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson were placed on bonfires.

However, one senior Orangeman has said he deplored the burning of effigies of the Pope or Irish flags. "I don't think that effigies of anyone should be put on bonfires to be burned," said deputy grand master Alistair Smyth.

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