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In Pictures: Ulster fries, we're bakin'

Northern Ireland wasn’t quite the warmest place in the UK — but it was still hotter here than in parts of northern Spain.

Sun-worshippers made the most of the clear skies and scorching temperatures as the mercury crept up to just below 22C.

Meteogroup forecaster Tony Conlan said this was a degree or two warmer in Northern Ireland than would be expected for this time of year.

Met Office forecaster Mark Setzer said: “Today brings changes from the west and temperatures will be about 20C.

“It will be dry and bright with sunny spells and cloud will thicken by the afternoon. There will be some rain, winds will be mild and it could be a bit overcast.

“By tomorrow the temperature will have dropped to about 17C and there will be mainly dry conditions with light north to north west winds.”

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