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'Incurable' paedophile now barred from every country in the world


A notorious cyber pervert has been handed the first ever Foreign Travel Order in Northern Ireland.

The order – handed down to "incurable" sex offender Ian Patrick Magill by District Judge Mark Hamill on Thursday – bars the paedophile from leaving the UK until June 2015.

Defence lawyer Stephen Molloy told Newtownards Magistrates Court that although the application had been listed as a contest, "there is now an agreed order before the court".

That agreement, said the lawyer, imposed a "worldwide ban" on the pervert pensioner who was also ordered to surrender his passport. Magill, a 65-year-old graphic designer from Ballyhornan Road in Downpatrick, has been involved in child pornography for more than 20 years and was once described by a judge as "incurable" in his deviant attitudes towards young girls.

The application last Thursday was based on a conviction in 1991 when Magill was guilty of taking indecent images of children, but since then he has amassed a string of convictions for similar offences, including in 1995 when he was jailed for importing from Amsterdam sickening photographs of children being abused.

Magill has been repeatedly before the courts for more offences of downloading images and breaching his lifelong Sexual Offences Prevention Order, designed to protect potential victims.

His latest breach, which came to court in October 2011, arose after he was caught at Heathrow Airport, having flown back from Thailand where he paid a mother to allow him to take vile pictures of her daughter being abused.

The court heard that Magill, who was required to inform police of any travel arrangements as part of the order, had obtained permission to travel to Dublin, but when he entered the Republic he booked flights to London, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Despite being banned from owning a computer, he purchased a laptop in Thailand and it was on that machine the images – including those at the most gruesome levels of four and five – were uncovered.

According to legal guidelines, images categorised at those levels depict full sexual intercourse between children and adults as well as scenes of sadomasochism and bestiality.

Describing the order breaches as "really quite appalling", Judge David Smyth said: "What does trouble the court is that this was a devious, premeditated and calculated way to get round exactly what a SOPO is supposed to do, and that is to reduce the risk of repetition.

"He didn't genuinely tell the police or people who were monitoring him that he was going to Thailand."

The 18-month order now imposed on Magill bars him from travelling anywhere in the world outside of the UK.

Outside the court, the predatory paedophile refused to comment when questioned about his potential travel plans.

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