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Inga Maria Hauser's sister: I will not rest until I get answers


Murdered: Inga Maria Hauser

Murdered: Inga Maria Hauser

Murdered: Inga Maria Hauser

The sister of a German backpacker who was murdered in Northern Ireland has spoken publicly about her death for the first time.

Inga Maria Hauser was 18 when she was last seen alive on a ferry to Larne in April 1988 before her body was found in Ballypatrick Forest two weeks later.

The shocking murder has never been solved despite numerous campaigns to bring the family justice.

In an emotional appeal, her sister Friederike Leibl told the BBC she would never give up hope on finding the truth.

"I won't rest until I get all the answers and I want to know the whole truth," she said.

"I want to get to the bottom of who did this and took my baby sister and why.

"What did she do wrong? She was a good person, she did not deserve this, to die this way."

Ms Leibl's mother died last year, with her father also passing away in 2006 without getting any closure.

The investigation was dormant for years before a large DNA screening effort was launched in 2011.

In May 2018, a man was arrested in connection with the murder but was never charged.

Files were also sent to the Public Prosecution Service last year but no further action has been taken to date.

A statement from the PPS yesterday said the matter was still under "active consideration".

The PPS said it was keeping Ms Hauser's family informed and would issue a decision on the case in due course.

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