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Injunction on sex offender damages

A court injunction has been granted to prevent a convicted sex offender accessing the £20,000 damages he was awarded after appearing on a Facebook page set up to monitor alleged paedophiles.

Facebook, and the man who operated the page Keeping our Kids Safe from Predators 2, were ordered to pay the damages to the abuser last month.

But an interim injunction was granted in Belfast High Court today halting the money being paid to the man, who is known in court as CG, when it emerged a victim of his abuse is intending to sue him.

CG was convicted in 2007 of a number of sex offences and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. He was released on licence in 2012.

He is currently under supervision in the community and has been assessed as not presenting any significant risk to members of the public.

Last month Mr Justice Stephens found that the information published on Facebook had "harmed the public interest creating a risk of re-offending".

CG's solicitor Kevin Winters confirmed that an injunction had been placed on the award.

The case will be reviewed again in the High Court next week.


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