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Inquest into death of teen Nora Quoirin adjourned for witnesses


Nora Quoirin with her mum Meabh

Nora Quoirin with her mum Meabh

Nora Quoirin with her mum Meabh

The inquest into the death of teenager Nora Quoirin has been adjourned until later this month.

At a hearing yesterday, the coroner announced the postponement to enable two witnesses to testify at the inquest in Malaysia on September 14.

Fourteen of the 64 witnesses listed for the inquest have so far given evidence since the proceedings began on August 24.

Earlier this week Coroner Maimoonah Aid heard that no traces of drugs or pesticides were found in the system of the French-Irish schoolgirl, whose mum Meabh is from Belfast.

Nora disappeared from her family's cottage at the Dusun eco-resort in southern Negeri Sembilan state on August 4 last year, sparking a massive search operation.

The 15-year-old went missing just one day after she and her family arrived in Malaysia for a holiday.

Her body was found on August 13 near a stream over a mile from the resort following a massive search conducted by the authorities.

The inquest has also heard Nora was not sexually assaulted before her death, while a post-mortem examination ruled Nora died from internal bleeding in her intestine following a period of prolonged hunger and stress.

The teenager passed away four days before she was eventually found by hikers helping with the search, the coroner was told.

Police believe Nora simply wandered off and that there is no "criminal element" involved. However, Nora's parents have disputed that assessment, arguing that it was highly unlikely the girl - who was born with holoprosencephaly, a disorder which affects brain development - would have gone off alone.

Previously the inquest heard Nora and her siblings were approached by a stranger at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

It also heard that eight fingerprints were lifted after police dusted the window at Sora House where the family were staying in the resort for fingerprints.

One of the prints was a matchfor her mother but three were unknown.

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