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Inquest to hear from officer who fired shots

An RUC officer who fired the fatal shots that killed an unarmed IRA man 20 years ago will give evidence at the inquest.

Patrick Pearse Jordan (23) was shot dead on the Falls Road in November 1992.

Jordan, from New Barnsley Drive in Ballymurphy, died after being shot three times in the back by the RUC while running away from a stolen car hijacked by the IRA.

His death is one of a series of so-called shoot-to-kill incidents.

After a number of delays, a jury of 11 members was sworn in for the inquest at Laganside Court.

A total of 40 witnesses, including ‘Sergeant A’ — the police officer who fired the fatal shots — are set to give evidence.

Soldiers also involved in a surveillance operation at the time and a number of RUC officers present at the shooting will attend.

Up to 16 police officers and soldiers will remain anonymous and are to be screened before giving evidence at the inquest.

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