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Inquiry after race fan is critically injured at Ulster Grand Prix

An inquiry has been launched into the accident at the Ulster Grand Prix that left a spectator critically injured, as organisers insisted the course is “as safe as possible”.

A rider lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into two spectators at the races in Dundrod, Co Antrim shortly before midday on Saturday.

All three were taken to hospital where they were described as stable. However, one of the spectators’ condition deteriorated over the weekend and last night he was described as critical.

It is understood English competitor Dave Hewson crashed through a hedge between the Quarterlands and Ireland’s Corner section of the road race.

Course clerk Noel Johnston said around £400,000 had been spent on safety measures at the event over the past nine years, “making the course as safe as possible”.

“After every race we look at what can be done over the next year,” he said. “It's our job to make sure the spectators are in the safest possible vantage point. This year we had a new enhanced spectator area. We plan to have more of these areas over the next couple of years, but it's down to funding.”

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