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Introduce road tolls, MLAs urged

Motorists pay two euros every time they pass through the toll on the Dundalk-Dublin motorway — and if Ian Parsley has his way we could be doing something similar here.

The North Down Conservative councillor has called on the Stormont Executive to consider introducing tolls as a way of paying for much-needed road upgrades. The savings could mean that any money earmarked for road schemes could then be redirected into school buildings or public transport, he says.

Councillor Parsley stressed he was speaking in a personal capacity when he suggested road tolling to raise revenue that could improve the transport system.

”In this time of balancing the books, the Executive must do much more than simply allocate money handed out from London, or indeed Dublin. The principle of ‘user pays' is one way to do this,” he said.

A DRD spokesperson said: “There are no current plans to introduce road tolls on the road network in the North.”

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