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Invest NI pulled up on jobs figures


Sinn Fein has tabled an Assembly motion severely attacking jobs agency Invest NI – in the week of the investment conference.

The party is using one of its slots in the timetable to seek support from other parties, criticising Invest NI's "continuing failure to provide accurate figures for jobs created by government intervention".

The motion also notes the absence of any Invest NI-facilitated visits to some constituencies in recent years by potential foreign direct investors."

It calls on the Executive to publish an action-plan outlining "how it intends to meet these commitments".

The matter is now due to be debated on Tuesday week.

Last night, unionist Jim Allister (left), who first raised the issue of 'created' jobs and visits by foreign direct visitors in the Assembly, said the issues should be debated in the Assembly.

"We do need to know what is meant by the term 'jobs created' and have been given an undertaking we will be told and, if I remember correctly, there is a disparity in visits to some constituencies," he said.

A year ago Invest NI said it was developing systems designed to more accurately measure the number of jobs actually created.

DUP DETI Minister Arlene Foster has said the Jobs Fund established by Invest NI in direct response to the economic downturn has 'promoted' over 5,750 jobs and 'created' over 3,150.

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