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Invite to cast vote for Youth Congress

Young people are being urged to become more involved in the political arena as the polls opened for the first ever Northern Ireland Youth Congress and UK Youth Parliament.

The Youth Congress was launched at Stormont last year to help pave the way for a Northern Ireland Youth Assembly.

They have until February 12 to vote online for candidates to represent their interests in both institutions. All candidates are aged 11-18. The elections are being run by the Northern Ireland Youth Forum (NIYF) and the British Youth Council (BYC).

NIYF project worker Claire King, who is overseeing the Youth Congress election, said: "The Youth Congress will be a place where young people will represent their peers, create social change and to promote youth voice to decision makers locally."

To vote, visit the online voting page at youthvoteni.com.

The results of the poll will be announced on February 13.

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