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'IRA killed my boy and Sinn Fein know who did it', says mother of Paul Quinn


Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn

Breege Quinn believes Sinn Fein is protecting the killers of her son Paul

Breege Quinn believes Sinn Fein is protecting the killers of her son Paul


Paul Quinn

The mother of a young man murdered by the IRA has said she is insulted by Sinn Fein claims that the terror group has gone away.

Paul Quinn from Armagh was just 21 when he was lured to a shed in Co Monaghan and beaten with iron bars and nail-studded cudgels.

The murder occurred in 2007, years after the IRA announced a complete end to violence.

His mother Breege told the Belfast Telegraph: "It's not the fact that Paul is dead, it's the death that he got, if Paul had died in a car accident or of a sickness…but they lured my child to that shed and they broke every bone is his body and there was no one, no one, to help him, and that is the killing part.

"The IRA are still out and about and Sinn Fein knows who did it."

In the aftermath of Paul's murder, Gerry Adams stated: "There was no republican involvement whatsoever in this man's murder," while Conor Murphy labelled him a criminal.

"Sinn Fein have never taken Conor Murphy's statement back," Mrs Quinn said. "We have asked him on several occasions to withdraw his statement that Paul was a criminal - he has never done it. I still see it as protecting those who did it.

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"Conor Murphy said he said he spoke to the IRA in Cullyhanna and they said they didn't do it. We have asked him time and again who he spoke to. He has yet to tell us.

"I am calling for him again to tell us who he spoke to and he should go to the police and tell them. Sinn Fein are speaking out of both sides of their mouth."

Asked whether she would meet the Sinn Fein president, Mrs Quinn said: "I wouldn't meet Gerry Adams, because there's no point in meeting him."

Mrs Quinn breaks down as she says: "When I stand in my kitchen and look out my back window I know that just around the road is where my son was murdered.

"And yet, they can stand up and tell lie after lie, and say that they're working for peace? I'd like to ask Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, Conor Murphy and Gerry Kelly, how would they like to walk in my shoes? But, I'd rather walk in my own shoes than walk in theirs."

Despite assertions from the Chief Constable that the IRA is "not involved in paramilitary activity in the sense that they were during the conflict," Mrs Quinn disagrees: "I would like to remind him that the IRA murdered our son in October 2007 and Sinn Fein are still protecting those who did it.

"The IRA is still active in south Armagh but it's plain to see that the PSNI have turned a blind eye to everything they do. How can the Chief Constable can stand on a platform and say Sinn Fein are committed to peace? Listening to the statement about Kevin McGuigan's murder, it seems he doesn't want to upset Sinn Fein and the IRA when it has all the hallmarks of the IRA.

"We said from the beginning we didn't want to upset the peace process - we just want truth and justice for our son. I live in hope that we will get it. If I didn't, I'd be in the lake."

Referring to Gerry Kelly's statement on the Nolan Show on Friday "when they (the IRA) made the statement in 2005 to go away, they went away", Mrs Quinn said: "They didn't go away, that was only a front, only words out of their mouth, that was no action."

Despite the brutal murder of her son, Mrs Quinn shows no fear in confronting the IRA publicly. "I'm not afraid, why should I be afraid? If they want to shoot me or kill me let them, I'll be going to my son."


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