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IRA killing of boy (15) 'worst case of abuse'

By David Young

The brother of a child abducted and murdered by the IRA in 1973 has called for an "open and honest" investigation into the murder.

His call came after 15-year-old Bernard Teggart's murder was described as "the most horrific incident of child abuse to come before the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry".

Bernard, who had the mental age of a eight-year-old, and his twin brother Gerry were abducted from St Patrick's Training School in 1973 - but the school did not report the abduction to the RUC at the time.

Bernard was shot and dumped on a north Belfast roadside while Gerry was freed.

Last night, John Teggart, another brother of Bernard, said: "Let's start with the investigation of the evidence they have there. You have the RUC who were dealing with it at the time. Let's bring that forward. Whether it's an independent or any other investigation, let's bring it forward.

"Let's be open and honest."

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